Let's transform Italy into a bike-friendly country

We are convinced that our cities can be more beautiful, that our air can be cleaner, that our money can be better spent, that our time is too precious to spend it stuck in traffic, that our lives need quality and not frenzies or inefficiencies.

The bicycle is one of the most powerful tools we have to achieve all these goals.

Bikenomist’s task is to facilitate this change by generating economic opportunities for all those who share the same vision so that the bicycle era is beautiful, sustainable and affordable for as many people as possible.

The Story

In 2013, we decided to take cycling out of the niche, which is why we founded to tell the story of the bicycle as a means of experiencing cities and exploit the potential of our country to make it a paradise for (cycle)tourism.

We decide to start with road safety, without which no one will ever use a bicycle. While the mainstream media see the bicycle as a sports article, we focus on people who use (or would like to use) bicycles every day, and this attracts the attention of public administrations and companies with whom we begin to collaborate. Soon Bikenomist became a company that is growing at an annual rate of 35 percent.

The basic question we have been asking since day one is always the same:“what is Italy lacking to become a bicycle-friendly country?

The answers always start with the data we are able to collect through’s most advanced traffic analysis technologies, and so we develop activities that can be summarized with three steps:

  • Provide information
  • Offer consultancy and training
  • Execute

Compatible with the onset of pandemics or other misfortunes, we are committed to holding at least one event dedicated to urban mobility development and one dedicated to cycle tourism development each year.

To date, more than 100 companies from the world of cycling, mobility, tourism and health have chosen us as their partner.

The evolution

2013, the portal dedicated to the world of cycling, is born.
2015 merges into Bikenomist srl
Let's create the first stable bike mechanics school in italy
We create Bikeitalia LABs, the first network of graduate cycling biomechanics
Division "training" becomes digital and on-demand
We organize the first edition of MobilitARS
We organize the first edition of the Bicycle Tourism Fair

The Team

A team of professionals who are united to transform Italy into a bike-friendly country.

CEO e Founder

Paolo Pinzuti

Amo cambiare le cose che non mi vanno bene e migliorare quelle che mi piacciono.
Education and Health

Omar Gatti

M’impegno per divulgare la cultura della manutenzione della bicicletta.

Director of

Manuel Massimo

Scrivo e riporto la realtà del mondo che ruota attorno alla bici sulle pagine digitali di

Cycling Brainwasher

Pinar Pinzuti

Pinar Pinzuti nace in Turchia e, dopo aver vissuto in Germania, nel 2016 si trasferisce a Milano. Le piace definirsi come “Cycling Brainwasher“, ovvero una persona che attraverso la bicicletta cerca di cambiare la testa della gente. Cerca quindi ogni modo possibile per stimolare le persone a utilizzare la bici come mezzo di trasporto e per inserire la bicicletta nell’agenda politica delle amministrazioni pubbliche. Si occupa di progetti di comunicazione di cicloturismo e di eventi, come la Fiera del cicloturismo di cui è la direttrice.

Pinar Pinzuti è anche membro del consiglio EuroVelo.

Cycle tourism

Giuliana D'Angelo

Progetti ed eventi che ruotano attorno al mondo del turismo in bici sono la mia quotidianità, nella quale non mancano mai la passione e l’entusiasmo per ciò che faccio.
Content Manager

Barbara Orlandi

Cycling Holidays Catalyst 
Esperienza ed empatia mi aiutano a comunicare meglio e creare contenuti di valore. Lavoro da oltre 15 anni nel settore del turismo.
Il mio impegno? Far scoprire alle persone la bellezza delle vacanze IN e CON la bicicletta.
Web Developer & Sys Admin

Alberto Reineri

Visual Content

Gabriele Mellera


Luigi Nalesso

Insegnante di Meccanica Ciclistica

Relatore per i corsi di meccanica di Bikeitalia.
Classe Classe 1977, Formatore. Laureato in Management dei Servizi alla Persona all’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano.


Paolo Gaffurini

PhD in Scienze dell’Esercizio Fisico e del Movimento Umano. Appassionato di MTB, pratico “bike to work” 365 giorni all’anno.

Chiara Ponti


Laura Riva

Mi occupo di contabilità, finanza e amministrazione.
Social Media

Giulia Quarta

If there is a message worth communicating, I want to be its spokesperson. To spread it in the most enthusiastic, ironic, and surprising way that comes to mind.
Cyclists' Supporter

Cristina Borin

Scientific director

Matteo Dondé

Mi impegno per riprenderci la strada come spazio pubblico, per dare strada alle persone, convinto che il futuro delle nostre città sia sempre di più #carfreecities.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We want to meet professionals, ideas, and visions that have the bicycle at the center of their activities.
If you would like to work with us, send an email to [email protected] telling us who you are and explaining what you want to do with us.

Or follow us on LINKEDIN  updates for any open positions.