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MobilitARS is the online event organized by Bikenomist to understand how cities of the third millennium will face the challenges of the near future.
It is hard to think that when the pandemic is over, we will go back to life in 2019 as if nothing happened.
It will take courage and determination to rebuild the country.

To address this challenge, we asked some of the brightest minds on the national and international scene (physicians, urban planners, psychologists, philosophers, academics, sociologists, architects, designers, managers, administrators, communicators, and movement scientists) to make their knowledge available and offer it in a digital symposium to be held over four days in February 2021.

We chose to structure the event into two major thematic areas, the healthy city and the resilient city. Why?

Because Covid 19 showed all the vulnerability of our society to unknown pathogens, but above all it highlighted how important people’s health is, without which there can be no prosperity, economic or otherwise.
Mobility in the third millennium will therefore have to set itself the goal of preserving life by counteracting phenomena such as road accidents, air pollution and sedentariness.

Because the great challenge we will face during the millennium that has just begun is that of climate change, which can only be addressed by reducing the carbon footprint of the world’s population and mitigating the effects of the transformations already underway (rising temperatures, droughts and floods, etc.). Climate change makes it increasingly clear to us that the resilient city will have to rethink mobility so that we rethink land management, to have more trees and less asphalt.

Every Wednesday morning in February mobilitARS will present approaches, tools, solutions and techniques for rebuilding healthy and resilient cities.
mobilitARS is aimed at administrators, university students, technicians and professionals, and all those who will not return to 2019.

Thanks to Selle Royal Group, sole sponsor of the initiative.

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