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After the post covid Urban Mobility Action Plan, here is the New Urban Mobility Communication Handbook.
Without proper communication to users, all efforts may be in vain: it is necessary to let people know well what is being proposed and how to do it. The only solution is to flank the infrastructure with a massive communication effort to explain to citizens how to deal with the city’s new mobility operating system, explaining its features and differences from the previous release. The goal is to make the ‘user experience’ of citizens optimal in the process of using the city.”

In 39 pages aimed primarily at administrations, we have tried to draw on the expertise we have accumulated over about a decade of urban mobility communication, relating it to the most effective tricks of marketing, drawing on leading studies in behavioral economics and borrowing from what has been done by those who are better at it than we are. Because if we want our fellow citizens to change their habits, we must use the same techniques as those who have been shaping our behaviors for nearly a century through advertising or through small mental and deliberately trivial stratagems, such as placing fruits and vegetables at the supermarket entrance and chewing gum at the checkout counter.
Paul Pinzuti
Graphic design:
BananaStudio –
James Trivellini
Click here to download the ebook: Handbook of New Urban Mobility Communication.

Paolo Pinzuti

Cycling Executive Officer

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