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There are some jobs that can fill you with pride, especially because of the caliber of the client to whom you dedicate your attention. So we were flattered when Shimano Italia, the undisputed leader in the production of bicycle components, commissioned us to help them streamline corporate mobility at their new headquarters in Pero (MI).

Shimano mobility hub project

In an effort to promote bike to work, we then joined the company in a careful study of employee mobility demand to assess how many of the employees could actually cycle to work without significantly increasing their commuting time.

Based on this figure, we then estimated how large a bicycle parking lot should be dedicated to employees while also considering possible turnover and growth rates for a company that is experiencing unprecedented development.

Together with management, we identified an appropriate space that we maximized by choosing a two-story parking solution capable of accommodating 12 bicycles, we then provided a locker room and showers for all those who bike-to-work or for those who want to take advantage of their lunch break to exercise.

To this we added a lockers for those who want to leave their clothes at work and a bicycle lock bar fixed to the wall to protect even the bikes of those who prefer not to carry a security system.

The Mobility Hub, this is the name chosen by Shimano’s Italian subsidiary for the upgraded space, was of course also equipped with a pump, tools and lubricants for bicycle maintenance.

As a corollary to this, we also took care of the communicative layout of the place, making it homogeneous with the corporate identity and the rest of the building. The writing on the wall reads “mobility hub” to immediately identify the identity of the place. The writing on the floor states the purpose of the initiative: “one less car” to remind all users of the space that every extra bicycle on the street means one less car and therefore less pollution, less traffic.

Shimano presented the Mobility Hub at the European Sustainable Mobility Week 2021.

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Paolo Pinzuti

Cycling Executive Officer

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