Masterclass in Meccanica di Bici


Year: 2017 – today

Division: Bikenomist

The world of bicycles has changed and is becoming more and more technological. Electronic gears, electric bikes, disc brakes, suspension. The figure of the bike mechanic has gone from being that of a person capable of correctly assembling a bike to having to be an all-round competent technician, capable of solving the customer’s problems and knowing how to advise him. To respond to this need and to enable the creation of professional and competent figures, we at Bikeitalia have created a professional course for bike mechanics: the Mechanics Masterclass.

Active since 2017, it has been attended by 160 trainees. Upon completion of the course, more than 30% of them (currently 65) have started their own businesses in the world of bike repair and resale. We have collected the workshops born from the Mechanics Masterclass in a map that can be viewed by clicking on the button below.

Cycling Mechanics Masterclass
Mechanics' Map