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Who is the bike manager?

A complex figure who must manage both the incoming of bicycle tourists and forge relationships with restaurants, hotels, and bike stores to create a network of ad hoc services for their customers. The bike manager must know bikes, cycling, be able to administer their business, take care of marketing and promotion, keep in touch with local entities, and also know how to get their customers cycling.

To train the Bike Managers of tomorrow, we at Bikeitalia have created a dedicated Masterclass.

The course “Masterclass: Bike Manager” is a 7-day course. designed for those who want to start a business in the world of bicycle touring and want to gain specific knowledge in fleet management, implementation of rentals, relations with government agencies, management of customer outings and training, and in-depth knowledge of the world of bicycle touring. The course is composed of several modules to provide comprehensive, cross-curricular training for those who want to approach the bicycle tourism industry with competence and professionalism.


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