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There are goals that also seem too ambitious to set. When we launched almost 4 years ago now, we didn’t think that one day we would get to write these lines, but today we are there. We finally surpassed the million-view mark in just one month, and for that we want to thank you.

These are figures that when compared to those of the historic generalist news outlets have little impact, but when brought back to a niche like cycling, then we can only be more than proud of all the work done over the years that, day after day, article after article, line after line, has brought us this far.

We are convinced that the reason for this achievement lies mainly in the editorial line we have always decided to pursue: instead of dealing with lycra jumpsuits and shaved legs, we wanted to address the 95% of people who pedal i.e., those who use their bikes every day to go to work, grocery shopping, or maybe on vacation.

We are happy for this award that you readers have given us because it means that we have worked well and that the whole theme of road safety, mobility policies, and the rethinking of public spaces are not just insider’s pippings, but are issues that are increasingly in the public domain.

Of course, much remains to be done: on the one hand, we need to improve the optimization of the site for mobile devices, the graphic appearance and the links between the different pages; on the other hand, one only has to look on the street to realize that we all need to roll up our sleeves and that we are still a long way from the European road and mobility culture that we would like.

But for once allow us to celebrate a small great achievement that will allow us to carry out our daily activity with even more drive and motivation: that of working to turn Italy into a bikeable country. This great little achievement, however, would not have been possible without you who read, comment and share with us every day.

To all of you, therefore, a million times thank you.

Pinar Pinzuti

Cycling Brainwasher

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