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On September 5, I was invited as a speaker during Green Cities Forum’s Environmental Public Policies conference in Brasov, Romania.

The Green Cities Forum is an event that aims, on one hand, to bring international expertise on sustainability and environmental policies in urban areas to Brașov and, on the other hand, to educate the Brașov public on the necessity to apply measures which combat pollution and transform the city into a true green capital of Europe.

Green Cities Forum

Now more than ever, local authorities are faced with the urgency of the transition to renewable energy and the acceleration of the change of perspective in all areas that influence the pollution of cities: mobility, heating, protection of green spaces, digitization, waste management, air quality.

It has been a pleasure for me to attend the forum and share my experience regarding the impact of urban design on individuals behaviours, and viceversa.

Pinar Pinzuti

Cycling Brainwasher

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