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There are collaborations that fill you with enthusiasm more than others, and we were truly thrilled when Metalco, a European leader in the manufacture and marketing of street furniture, approached us to imagine together the Italian streets of the third millennium.

We noted together that one of the main problems in our cities are the streets in front of schools that increasingly look like logistical platforms populated with cars with their 4 arrows on to dump children in a competition over who can get closest to the school entrance.

This struggle for space results in chaos and disorder, disregard for good manners that, instead, is demanded of pupils once they enter the classroom but, above all, huge concentrations of pollutants that poison children who have the misfortune to walk right at the height of the tailpipes.

The cover of the ebook

With the simplification decree of 2021, the Italian government finally introduced the concept of a “school road.” In the absence of specific guidelines for implementation, we then decided to take care of it ourselves, and thus was born the free ebook “School Streets, New Town Squares for Cities“: a collection of best practices and suggestions for improving spaces in front of schools.

To increase the value of the publication, we also decided to include within it communication tools such as pre-filled letters to be sent to the mayor of one’s city to ask for its implementation, posters, banners and flyers to enable everyone to effortlessly carry out a campaign to pressure local authorities and get their own school road.

The ebook is available for free download upon registration from this link:

Paolo Pinzuti

Cycling Executive Officer

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