Bikeitalia LAB


Year: 2017 – today

Division: Bikenomist

Goal: No more pain in the saddle

Bikeitalia LAB are a franchise network of biomechanics centres, where only professionals with a university degree and who have followed the Masterclass in Biomechanics can operate. After the experience of the Bikeitalia LAB in Milan, active since 2015, we decided to create a network of biomechanics whose modus operandi was professionalism, state-of-the-art equipment and academic training behind them.

The first Bikeitalia LAB branch was opened in October 2020 by Dr. Paola Paonessa in Bologna. From there, we then opened in Bergamo with Dr. Daniele Bazzana, in Rome with Dr. Giorgio Peresempio, in Florence with Dr. Lina Manzo, in Rimini with Dr. Alessandro Rovelli, in Cosenza with Dr. Mario D’Orrico, in Verona with Dr. Matteo Barbi, in Perugia with Dr. Stefano Tettamanti, and finally we are starting the Bikeitalia LAB in Grosseto with Dr. Fabio Ferrari.

The great strength of the project, in addition to training, is the promotion and marketing for the LAB, promotion at events, trade fairs, and the creation of in-depth evenings, then conveying the message that the biomechanic must first and foremost be a graduate with all our readers. We then manage every booking that arrives on the dedicated website and customer contact, relieving the biomechanic of the bureaucratic tasks and allowing him to focus only on the correct execution of the visit.

Every year we organise a free refresher course for all LAB owners, to provide them with additional technical skills and a technology update.

Bikeitalia LAB